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 Artwork Submission FAQ

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PostSubject: Artwork Submission FAQ   Artwork Submission FAQ Icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2008 1:53 pm

So, you want to contribute artwork to be used in our comic? Anyone can, and there's a few simple guidelines.

What size/format does the artwork need to be in?

  • All artwork submitted must be in the form of a 6.625" x 10.25" file at 300dpi. The format is up to you, but if you need help, feel free to seek it out on our forums and someone can probably help clean it up or convert your artwork to a usable format.

  • What you see is what you get! Make sure to leave a small margin around the pages (do not make the artwork run right to the edge, known as full bleed.)

  • In this margin, along either the bottom or the top, you can put a website URL or a footnote if you wish. Recommendations for this would be your Anonymous name, a shoutout to your local Anonymous cell, or a link to your decentralized site. You do not want to put your name on the artwork or a link to your personal website because it goes against the nature of the comic, and also can leave you open to harassment by the Church of Scientology.

  • At this time, all submissions must be in black and white and grayscale, unless you want to make a front cover or back cover. Make sure that it's as vibrant as possible if you do decide to go with that!

What happens to my artwork?

Every piece of art that is submitted to Anonymous comics is submitted by Anonymous members or supporters for the purpose of spreading our message. As a result, it is considered a charitable contribution. There are no royalties, no kickbacks, and no commission based on how many comics get sold, as they are not for profit anyway. The cost of the comic will have a very low overhead to pay for the operating costs of Anonymous Comics and the running of this website. So no, the Anonymous Comic staff won't be spending the money on rum drinks at a bar downtown.

To put it in other terms:

By submitting artwork for consideration to be used in the comic, you realize that you give up all rights to the publication, distribution, printing, and editing of said artwork. All of these rights are given to Anonymous Comics who will determine if, when, and how they will be published in one of our comics. You also forfiet the right to future action against Anonymous Comics should you decide in the future to use your contributed artwork for other purposes.

Simply put, all the artwork is donated to the cause, and you agree not to sue us to stop using it should you decide to profit from it yourself in the future.

Also, Anonymous Comics keeps all submissions strictly confidential. In other words, if you get found out by the Church of Scientology, it won't be through us.

Are there any deadlines?

Take the time you need to create what you want, to the standards you want. There are no specific deadlines. We plan on putting out a few comics a year depending on the feedback and success of Issue #0, and will pretty much only release when we have enough material to create a 16-32 page book.

Are there any restrictions on content?

Yes and no. We want the comic to appeal to a wide audience, and Anonymous is engaged in a campaign against the corruption of the Church of Scientology, not the beliefs of Scientologists themselves. No hate speech, no gore, minimal nudity (although to be quite honest, if you can make nudity work in an anti-CoS comic, more power to you) with a minimum of language. Try to keep it PG to PG13, and something that you'd be fine handing to a youngster that was asking for one at an event or protest.

Use of charictures or names of celebrities and other Scientology personnel is protected under the Fair Use act and various parody/commentating laws. Try not to push the envelope of this. Feel free to parody or mock these people, but make sure to keep it on the level that would not open you or Anonymous Comics to litigation for slander or libel.

To give an example, take the way the Scary Movie (and all the horrible movies that it spawned) lampooned individual celebrities, movies, and genres, and go with that type of feel.

What type of styles do you accept?

The answer is any type of style. Wether you're into Manga style or Western style, emulating a specific feel such as Frank Millers works, or just doing an amazing portriat or splash page, any and all styles are encouraged. There are no limits to the creativity of the people that submit artwork, and to put a limit on the style that you would want to express would certainly be against what we would be trying to accomplish!

How do I submit artwork?

The best way to submit artwork would be to upload a preview file at a smaller resolution to our forums where everyone can see it and give feedback and constructive critisizm. Then, if it meets the criteria and any corrections are made, please submit the final artwork in the previously discussed resolution. You can do this by hosting it at a number of sites such as Megaupload and Rapidshare. Have a question or need help with this step? Post it in our forums and you'll definately get help.
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Artwork Submission FAQ
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