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 A couple of WIPs...

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A couple of WIPs... Empty
PostSubject: A couple of WIPs...   A couple of WIPs... Icon_minitimeWed Oct 22, 2008 10:18 am

Are these worthy of cleaning up/formatting and shit? The guys in the sunglasses are representative of Anon, while the ones with their faces ripped off in the front are the namefagged. There are graves representing dead anons(those who left the cause, rather)/scilon victims.


Smile pic2

The second one is in color, and is far from done. I could always convert it to grayscale and finish coloring it on the comp, but I intent this one to be finished. The zombies are the victims of Scientology, hence the roaches(Lisa), the burnt man. L-Ron is using a puppet, while /hes/ being used as a puppet, the arm goes onto another page where we see the RonPuppet is being held by a squirrel in a suit(Miscaviage).

idk. too convuluted? Tell me what you think plz.
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A couple of WIPs...
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