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 Operation: Marcab Invasion

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Operation: Marcab Invasion Empty
PostSubject: Operation: Marcab Invasion   Operation: Marcab Invasion Icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 3:31 pm

Anonymous Comics is getting ready to launch Marcab Invasion II!

We need your help.

Instead of doing it through the San Diego website this year, Marcab Invasion will take place through the Anonymous Comics website as will donations.

Comic Con responded VERY WELL to the viral aspect of the youfoundthecomic and youfoundthecard last year and we’re using what we used last year to make sure we reach even more people this year.

Information about this operation will be split up into several different posts here for reference, questions, and quoting purposes, also to edit them as plans conceivably change.

One thing we learned last year is that no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

Areas in the forum posted:

• About this year’s event
• Plans for the Invasion
• Donation Info
• Artwork Contribution
• Misc. stuff.
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Operation: Marcab Invasion
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