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 Plans For The Invasion

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PostSubject: Plans For The Invasion   Plans For The Invasion Icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 4:07 pm

Plans for the Invasion

There are three plans in place vfor this year’s Invasion.

Plan 1 – Ad placed in San Diego Comic-Con Program Book

Each attendee gets a bag of goodies with their badge and membership information. There are also several books that contain ads, special deals, commemorative drawings marking the occasion, etc.

The book in particular is the program guide that goes with Comic-Con. It's usually a hundred or more pages and has details about the convention, every event, every booth, and everything else. This book is expected to be huge this year given it’s Comic-Con’s 40th anniversary.

These books are considered collectors items as only people at the convention get them and they are highly sought after for this very reason.

According to my contacts, we need to have the ad ready to go the second week of June (exact date will be revealed later once a few final details are hammered out. )

Essentially, Anonymous becomes a "sponsor" of Comic-Con, and they let us put an ad in this book which 150,000 people will be getting.

The approximate cost is $1100 for a full page ad.

A bit more ambitious than the plans we had last year, eh? This makes sure EVERYONE WHO ATTENDS THE CONVENTION IS REACHED.

Plan 2 – Freebie Table postcards

At Comic-Con, immediately following registration, users are directed to a “freebie table,” which has several hundred feet of table space where people put advertisements, free comic books, pins, etc.

It looks like a hurricane hits it every year and we were no exception. Youfoundthecomic cards were the fastest items going off that table – because people recognized the logo we used.

This is identical to what happened last year but the funding for it will be a bit different.

Since the deadline for the cards is mid July, we’ll keep donations open another month after we find out if we got the ad placed or not.

Plan 3 - Comic-Con MegaRaid

Each day, Anons that want to take a break from the con end up passing out information and youfoundthecards throughout downtown San Diego and near the convention (but not on convention center grounds – we learned this last year.)

You will pass out THOUSANDS of cards just in an hour or two. I personally blew through about 2000 in two hours last year. That’s one every few seconds, and we ran out last year more than once.

People love us and most at CCI recognize us, so we are able to use this incredibly effectively. More details will be posted about meetup locations and times the closer we get to the event.
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Plans For The Invasion
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