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 Information about donations

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PostSubject: Information about donations   Information about donations Icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 4:11 pm

Information about Donations
How to donate, and where the money goes

As of right now, there are two ways people can donate to the cause.

Straight Donations

Donations at this time are accepted through a widget on

The donation page is here.

Paypal accepts all donations completely anonymously, and all donations go to a secured account that has been in place since 2001. This is the way it was done last year.

This account is completely secured and I have personally worked with Paypal to keep it that way.

Anonymous gear through the Anonymous Comics Store

Unfortunately, anything bought through the Anonymous Comics Store will NOT have the funds clear by the time the Invasion comes around.
This was an oversight on my part last year and I had to pay several hundred out of my own pocket to make it all work. Same problem this year, but now thereís a plan to get around this.


Because of this, we ask that if you do wish to buy, take the savings on shirts, stickers, etc. and donate it directly to the Marcab Invasion fund via paypal.

A link will also be provided in the store to the donation page for this purpose.

That way you still get some kickass gear for yourself and are able to help us out financially.

Mail-In donations

At the time of this initial posting, donations to the paypal account are the ONLY way we can accept donations.

Iím trying to get a drop box for paper donations/money orders for the few people that wish to drop off cash towards the cause that way, but as you can see, this takes a bit more to safeguard and protect people who do decide to donate.

Where does the money go?

Basically, we have two deadlines to meet. The first is mid June for the ad in the book, and the second is mid July for the order for the cards to go to the printer.

Here's how the money donated will break down.

Our goal is $2000.

1) If we raise our $1100 by the deadline to get the ad in the comic-con program book, any donations over and above the $1100 will go towards making cards for the freebie table and to pass out at the convention.

2) If we fail to raise $1100 by mid June, the money will go towards a smaller, less expensive ad instead of the full-page one, and any money leftover will go directly to printing up cards.

Hope that made sense.Any other questions, you can PM me or email me at

Artwork Contribution

Canít help out financially or be at the raid? Help us at Anonymous Comics with artwork. Draw but canít write? Hook up with a writer. Write but canít draw? Help out an artist with writers block.

More information on artwork contribution can be found at areas of this forum directly. Much thanks to Vir for stepping up to the plate in my absence.
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Information about donations
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