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 Superhero: Anonymous

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Lord Anonymous

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PostSubject: Superhero: Anonymous   Superhero: Anonymous Icon_minitimeTue May 26, 2009 1:30 am

Alright, this one builds on the superhero Anonymous laid out in the thread "Writer with an Idea" started by Anonbob at

Basic premise: Anonymous is a superhero fighting the evil soldiers of Seaorg (or other name for legal reasons) to take down their evil leader and stop them from taking over the world. Cliche, but it works, I think. Insert barely believable scientific means here: the character creates masks with some pretty tricked out tech that turns the wearer into Anonymous as long as the mask is worn (not like they're being possessed, rather like an active choice). Once the mask is removed, the wearer returns to their normal life.

Character descriptoin: I see Anonymous as either the purple-suited version seen in Serial Experiment Lain or the traditional suit plus gloves (white fabric, or maybe black leather), in either case with a Guy Fawkes mask. Building on the previous idea, the entire body should be invisible, thus the need for gloves, etc. Anonymous's main strength is his ability to multiply at will.
For the Seaorg soldiers, think something akin to the new G.I. Joe accelerator suits. Powers TBD.

If any artists are interested, I would be more than happy to flesh this out into a real storyline. If any other writers are interested in helping out, suggestions are welcome.
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Superhero: Anonymous
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